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Would you like to speed up the European, sustainable seaweed sector? Do you envision multi-use sea farms to create the optimal synergy of nature, food and energy on the North Sea? Then support our cause!

North Sea Farmers is a not-for-profit organisation accelerating a new, sustainable sector. Because seaweed has enormous potential on many levels. It can improve health, biodiversity and the environment: our quality of life.

We focus on nature inclusive seaweed cultivation, applications replacing non-renewable or non-sustainable materials in food and non-food, and medical and biochemical applications. With the help of our members we are showing Europe the potential of seaweed. Together with our 100+ members we work on for example:

  • the design and implementation of eco-anchors: a nature inclusive anchoring system for seaweed cultivation and other aquaculture activities;
  • reducing the use of water and fertilizer in European horticulture, by means of commercially available (seaweed based) biostimulants;
  • providing market knowledge and tools to accelerate the development of sustainable and flavoursome algae foods for the European market;
  • testing offshore floating solar farms within our Offshore Test Site. The goal is to eventually work towards safe and successful installation of floating solar farms within offshore (multi-use) wind farms.

Would you like to be part of sustainable change? And are you eager to support our cause? Then donate!

You can become a one-time or periodical donor from €10 or more. We will keep you updated on what we do with your donation via our digital monthly newsletter and social media. If you have any questions regarding our work, you are always welcome to get in touch.

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We are registered as a non-profit organization in the Netherlands, which makes your donation tax-deductable.